A secretary who posted nude pictures of herself in the Swiss Parliament building and tweeted it to over 11,000 followers told reporters on Wednesday (6 August) that she has not broken any rules.

The selfies were shot in her office in the Federal Palace, a 162-year-old building in Berne, where Switzerland's government and parliament meet, according to the Swiss, German-language daily newspaper, Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Without revealing her intentions behind posting the pictures, the unidentified woman told the Swiss newspaper that her pictures do not violate any federal employee guidelines, as they are part of her private life.

Anand Jagtap, a spokesman from the Government's human resources department commented on the incident saying: "Parliamentary services will have to decide, based on the specific circumstances, whether this case breaches good faith obligations between employer and employee."

Meanwhile, Twitterverse was abuzz with excitement over the nude selfies:

swiss naked selfie
Swiss social media and broadcasting organisation claims it has tracked down the identity of the woman who tweeted naked selfies Twitter