For VR by VR: Syfy's new VR crime drama can now be watched on Oculus Rift
A young woman experiencing virtual reality through Oculus Rift VR headsets Getty Images

Virtual reality (VR) now looks to conquer traditional television viewership. Syfy, the sci-fi fantasy-themed television channel, is slated to release its first VR-themed television show, Halcyon.

Syfy's ground-breaking new futuristic cop show will have a total of 15 episodes, five of which will be viewable through Oculus Rift VR headsets. Those without the headset can still follow the show via a short recap. The other 10 episodes will appear on the studio's traditional channel. The VR episodes will be made available to viewers via Syfy's website.

Syfy studio president James Milward said: "Syfy has consistently broken new ground with its television series and we're excited to work with them on this new multiplatform project. VR is being exposed to more and more people and with projects like Halcyon, we intend to help this immersive form of entertainment grow," according to a report by Hollywood Reporter.

Halcyon is set in 2058, a time when virtual reality is as commonplace as smartphones are in the present day. The show revolves around the character of Julie Dover, a police detective in the VR Crimes Unit. Dover is tasked with solving an unusual incident, a real-life homicide that occurred in VR- something "that shouldn't even be possible", according to the report.

Halcyon is directed by Bafta nominee Benjamin Arfmann and produced by Emmy-winning studio Secret Location that created the Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience. Production of the NBC Universal commissioned show has already begun in Toronto and is being financed by Canada's Independent Production Fund. Syfy is yet to announce a release date for the show.