Around three million Syrian children are no longer attending school due to the civil war raging in their country, British-based charity Save the Children revealed on 18 September, 2014.

The report says that the conflict in Syria, which is now entering its fourth year, is depriving a generation of children of a decent education, and says the consequences could "last generations".

Within the war-torn Middle Eastern country, the report estimated that 3,465 schools - one fifth of the country's education buildings - had been either destroyed or damaged, or are being used for military purposes.

"It's absolutely shameful that the obligation to protect schools is not being respected in this conflict, endangering the lives of innocent children," said Save the Children regional director, Roger Hearn.

Syria's civil war has led to the deaths of at least 190,000 people, according to United Nations statistics. Nearly three million Syrians have fled the country.

Save the Children added that hundreds of thousands of displaced refugee children around the world are struggling to enrol in school in their host countries.