Syria Rebel Fighters Jihad
Rayat al Tawheed's Twitter account posted a photo of two British fighters with two Ansar (helpers), one who is 16. YouTube / Abu Bakr

Footage has emerged on the British Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) Twitter account of British men joining Islamist fighters in Syria with an invitation for more to join as the "doors of jihad are still open".

The video had been showing on YouTube but was removed on the grounds that it infringed the site's policy on violence.

"Put your trust in him [Allah] and he will guide you to these lands" the video says.

One British man, perched on a vehicle along with heavy weapons, boasts of how the fighters managed to "bring in three of our brothers of Islam [to the] blessed lands of Sham", a historical region in Syria.

The second man in the video, who is masked by a balaclava, says: "He [Allah] has enabled us to enter the blessed lands which the kaffir [unbelievers] back home always tell you that if you plan to reach there will be a consequence for you.

"If you do not march forth, there will be a consequence for you.

"If you do not march forth, then wait for that punishment and the calamity that will befall you.

"Allah is the one who controls the skies, he is the one that controls the land, he is the one that controls the sea.

"Put your trust in him and take those few steps and he will guide you along the way. Be sincere to Allah and he will guide you to these lands," he concludes.

European officials are concerned about domestic threats posed by fighters returning from Syria. British intelligence officials say they have seen "hundreds of people" from Britain go to Syria to fight.

A handful have been arrested in the UK on suspicion of attending terrorism training camps in Syria.

It has been reported that al-Qaida had severed ties with ISIS to regain influence among rival Islamic groups in Syria.

Al-Qaida said: "We were not informed about its (ISIS) creation, nor counselled. Nor were we satisfied with it. Rather, we ordered it to stop. ISIS is not a branch of AQ and we have no organisational relationship with it. Nor is al-Qaida responsible for its actions and behaviours."