Execution video
Two of the three men executed by bombing by an Isis-affiliate in southern Syria. Screenshot

Syrian militants with links to the Islamic State (Isis) have released gruesome images of a brutal execution involving Al Nusra fighters. The group, believed to be the Shuhada al-Yarmouk, may have committed the execution in retaliation for a suicide bombing at its headquarters in November.

The nearly six-minute video begins by showing one of the prisoners, sporting a black eye and wearing what appears to be an orange jumpsuit, being questioned on camera. A second prisoner is then brought on, also wearing an orange jumpsuit. A third prisoner is brought on camera before the footage cuts to a van driving as music typical of Isis (Daesh) execution videos plays in the background.

The three prisoners, arms tied behind their backs and strapped to what appear to be bombs, are then led out to a desolate location. The militants are seen pouring what appears to be petrol over their prisoners as they kneel on the ground. Two of the prisoners are placed back-to-back as one of the militants lights a wire connected to the men.

Images of the two being blown up are then played on a loop. The camera then pans to the burning remains of the prisoners. The third prisoner meets the same fate as his fellow detainees, with the militants picking up his severed head from the ground. According to The Daily Mail, the three men were accused of participating "directly and indirectly" in a suicide bombing by Al Nusra Front.

The website Heavy reported that the new video allegedly was filmed in Daraa, Syria, where Shuhada al-Yarmouk is based. The group's name translates to Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade and is in reference to an "unofficial" Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus. It was founded in August 2012 and was originally affiliated with the Free Syrian Army before defecting in October 2013. It then worked with Al Nusra before defecting in December 2014 and secretly pledging allegiance to Daesh. Daesh and Al Nusra Front are both fighting against the Syrian regime and also fight each other.