Abu Sakkar
Video depicting Farouq Brigade leader cutting heart out of Assad soldier’s body posted online (YouTube)

Syrian rebel commander Abu Sakkar has said he has no regrets about cutting open the body of an enemy soldier and taking a bite out of his internal organs.

Sakkar, who also goes by the name of Khalid al-Hamad, told Time magazine that he was spurred into his extreme actions by disgust at seeing cellphone footage of Syrian government soldiers sexually abusing three women.

His cannibalism was recorded on video and uploaded online, sparking horror and condemnation around the globe.

In the video, Sakkar, identified as a founder of the rebel Farouq Brigade, is seen taking out organs, believed to be the heart and a lung, from the soldier's body and holding them up in front of the camera before taking a bite out of one of them.

"We opened his [the soldier's] cellphone and I found a clip of a woman and her two daughters fully naked and he was humiliating them, and sticking a stick here and there," Sakkar told TIME.

Sakkar, a Sunni Muslim like most of the rebels fighting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, revealed during the interview that he has another video of himself killing a government soldier from the Alawite faith.

"Hopefully, we will slaughter all of them [Alawites]. I have another video clip that I will send to them," he said.

"In the clip, I am sawing another shabiha [pro-government militiaman] with a saw. The saw we use to cut trees. I sawed him into small pieces and large ones," he added.

Sakkar said that both sides videos their own acts of savagery to intimidate the opposition.

"They film as well, but after what I did, hopefully they will never step into the area where Abu Sakkar is," he said.

Sakkar who has been fighting in the strategic border town of al-Qusayr said: "You are not seeing what we are seeing, and you are not living what we are living. Where are my brothers, my friends, the girls of my neighborhood who were raped?"

The Supreme Military Council of Syria has ordered Sakkar's arrest "dead or alive."

Talking about the recent mass slaughtering of Sunni villagers near the coastal village of Baniyas, Sakkar added: "They were the ones who slaughtered the children and women in Bayda. We didn't start it. They started it."

"Our slogan is: An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth."

More than 70,000 civilians have already been killed in Syria ever since the country's internal conflicts started as peaceful protests in 2011.