Rateb Malis - Syrian baby survivor
Baby Rateb is held by his father after the attack (right), which devastated their home (left) Reuters

Images of a baby being saved from rubble by his father after an airstrike by the Syrian military have revealed the full horror of attacks on civilians in the Damascus region of Duma.

The picture shows baby Rateb Malis covered in dust in his father's arms, surrounded by rubble after a bomb was dropped on to their home.

Helicopters dropped barrel bombs - an improvised explosive device filled with TNT, shrapnel and oil - on to Duma, destroying what was the Rateb family home.

Abu Rateb, father of the 27-day-old baby, feared that his son, along with the rest of his family, had been killed.

When he realised that his son was alive, he held up him to a have his photograph taken to show the devastating affect that President Bashar al-Assad's airstrikes were having on civilians in the ravaged Damascus region. His sister, Maria, was also dragged from the rubble of their house.

Further images have emerged of the father and child safe and well at a relative's home nearby.

In a barrel bomb attack in December, more than 300 children - 87 of them children - were killed in the city of Aleppo and surrounding towns.