Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has attacked the government's plans for air strikes in Syria during a debate in the House of Commons. Mr Corbyn also urged the Prime Minister David Cameron to apologise, after he said MPs voting against the proposals to bomb Islamic State (IS) were "terrorist sympathisers".

The left-wing MP said, "I think Mr Speaker, to avoid the conclusion that the Prime Minister understands that public opinion is moving increasingly against what I believe to be an ill-thought out rush to war. And he wants to hold this vote before the opinion grows even further against him.

"Whether it is a lack of strategy worth the name, the absence of credible ground troops, the missing diplomatic plan for a Syrian settlement, the failure to address the impact of the terrorist threat or the refugee crisis and civilian casualties, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Prime Minister's proposals for military action simply do not stack up".

The government want to extend UK air strikes into Syria from Iraq, targeting IS in Raqqa. The Labour Party have been at odds over these proposals, with Mr Corbyn being forced to offer a free vote to his MPs after a reported shadow cabinet split.

The debate in the House of Commons is expected to last around 11 hours.