A young Syrian couple tied the knot in a makeshift refugee camp in Idomeni, Greece, according to the Greek Reporter. Syrian refugees Sacher, 27, and Roychagia, 20, exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony on 3 May in a tent in the mud and rain of the sprawling camp.

Between 10,000 and 12,000 migrants have been stranded at the informal camp since February, when Macedonian authorities passed tighter border restrictions. The couple, who fled the Syrian civil war for Germany, told Athens-Macedonian News Agency that they couldn't wait any longer to wed.

"We have been in Idomeni for roughly one and a half months, and we decided not to wait for another [month] and to stamp our love in this symbolic way," Sacher said. "Together we will continue until we achieve our objective and we begin a new life in Europe, far away from the bombs. A life that will give us the right dream."

Protests broke out in Idomeni on 5 May, amid reports that Greek authorities are planning to remove thousands of migrants from the camp by the end of the month.