Audi has expanded its multi-year agreement with AT&T to bring in high-speed internet to its vehicles in North America. Under the agreement, Audi connect systems in select 2017 and 2018 models will be linked with next-generation technology.

Audi will be providing new safety, security and infotainment features, such as remote lock and unlock, stolen vehicle locator, online roadside assistance and service requests over the AT&T network. "This technology improves the driving experience by providing a whole new suite of services to Audi customers." said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things, AT&T Business Solutions.

AT&T already provides Audi connect, an infotainment platform and Wi-Fi services to all of Audi's 2016 models. Audi connect gives real-time traffic information and insights for the best routes, including estimated arrival time as well as accident and incident alerts to drivers. It informs them about fuel prices at a local station and provides them with information about available parking space.

Audi connect is integrated with Google Street view and Google Voice search and provides enhanced social media along with mobile app integration. It can also be connected to via a compatible smartphone or smartwatch.

"Together Audi and AT&T are working to deliver the most comprehensive suite of applications and services to the vehicle," said Pom Malhotra, general manager, Connected Vehicles of Audi America. "As we see with our homes and mobile devices, reliable and robust high-speed connectivity is a necessity and is fast becoming one for the vehicle."

The German automaker has also been working on new projects such as self-driving cars. It had tested a car which was auto-driven for about 550 miles (885km) from San Fransico to Las Vegas during the CES technology trade show in 2015. The car manufacturer has also announced it has created synthetic "e-diesel" solely from water, carbon dioxide and renewable sources. This synthetic diesel named "fuel of the future" is in the commissioning phase at one of its German plants.