Tai Emery confirmed that the bizarre X-rated flash after her debut win at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships (BKFC) will not be her last. The Australian revealed that she plans to celebrate by showing her breasts in future triumphs after becoming an instant sensation among fight fans.

The 35-year-old climbed the ring in celebration of her brutal knockout win over Thailand's Rung-Arun Khunchai before lifting her top to flash the crowd. The audience and the commentators were left stunned by her actions, with the video going viral on social media.

Emery revealed that her X-rated flash did not get her into trouble with BKFC officials or the Athletic Commission. The former amateur MMA fighter also confirmed that she plans more such celebrations in the future, and is hoping to see the crowd reciprocate her actions.

"I have been completely enabled to continue to be myself, and so I shall," Emery told TMZ Sports.

"For sure. I'm trying to get it to a point where maybe there's like gonna be a reflection of a sea of t*****s just looking back at me in like this army of salute, from men to women."

Emery's actions not only made her an instant hit among fight fans at the arena, but also led to an exponential growth on her social media channels - mainly internet content creation platforms like OnlyFans and Instagram. The Australian bare knuckle fighter now has 108k followers on the latter, while she is expected to earn $25,000-a-month up from $400 from the former.

"Holy moly Instagram, 100k followers from like 45, my OnlyFans went from maybe 40 to 2,500, something like that," she added.

BKFC's latest sensation explained that her foray into adult content creation on OnlyFans was only to survive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Emery revealed that she lived in a jungle in Thailand honing her craft before returning to the ring earlier this month.

"I actually lived in the jungle in Thailand and that's where I learned how to kick and punch," Emery said. "So I used my OnlyFans money to eventually be able to save up and live and little bit different from a ladle and bucket of water."

Mixed Martial Arts continues to court controversy at all levels. (Image for representational purposes only) - HIP PANAKOM SANTAYANON / Handout