Former HC3 member Alien Huang, whose real name is Huang Hong-Sheng, was pronounced dead on Wednesday, September 16. The singer, who is known to his fans as Xiao Gui (Little Ghost), was reportedly found unresponsive by his father around 11 am. An investigation has been launched to determine the incidents which led to the celebrity's demise. While official reports are being awaited, it is suspected that the star died due to an accidental head injury.

Huang reportedly returned to his home in Sanheyi Street, Beitou District of Taipei City at around 7 pm Tuesday, September 15. Surveillance footage captured the star entering his flat alone in the evening after which he was not seen leaving. Sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the singer turned actor stopped responding to his family's calls.

Worried about his son, the 36-year-old man's father went to check on him. Upon entering the flat the man was shocked to find his son unconscious on the floor. He realised that his son was unresponsive and was bleeding from his nose as well as his mouth. Around 11 am he contacted the police, informing them of the discovery.

When the police officers arrived at the scene, they found the celebrity on the floor of his bedroom, right outside the bathroom door. According to Apple Daily Taiwan, the deceased man was naked bottom down. There was bathwater on the floor of the bathroom. Examination of the corpse on the scene revealed that his body was cold and stiff indicating that he had been deceased for a while.

Huang's body was sent for post mortem examination following which his family can perform the funeral.

The former boy band member's agent stated that a report to determine the official cause of death is being awaited. However, based on the scene of the incident, Taipei police shared the course of events that they believe led to the death.

They suspect that the celebrity was about to take a bath when he decided to go into his bedroom to retrieve something. An accidental fall caused by the water on the floor led to a fatal head injury. As Huang was alone, he could not get medical attention and eventually passed away.

The Sun pointed out that Huang is the third 36-year-old Asian celebrity to have passed away in the past few days. On Monday, September 14, Japanese actress Sei Ashina died by suicide. Korean actress Oh In-hye passed away at a hospital after she attempted suicide.

Alien Huang
Taiwanese celebrity Alien Huang found dead in his home. Alienhuanghkfc / CC BY-SA

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