As promotional videos go, it's... different. Taiwanese rapper Dwagie has a song called Light Up Taiwan singing the praises of his homeland, which he helpfully points out isn't Thailand or China.

Dwagie, also known as Dog G, has worked with the American rapper Nas and the Dalai Lama in the past. Now he can add the Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen to his collab list. She guest stars in Light Up Taiwan for two whole lines.

"One day everything will be better," she sings, like a true politician. "Tsai Ing-wen and Dwagie, we light up Taiwan."

The rap talks about the many products made in Taiwan and sent all over the world, from computer chips to tyres, and name checks a few of the most successful Taiwanese people, including the NBA star Jeremy Lin and Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo.

The video shows off Taiwanese culture too, and talks about the country's history of colonialism and violent rule. "Had our share of bloodshed, destructive history, now we're over the dictatorship, preservation of heritage, so away from the metropolis we cherish our indigenous," raps Dawgie.

Taiwan is an island off the coast of the Chinese mainland. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan, and has done since Chairman Mao's bloody rule began in 1949, but the island declares itself independent of Beijing.

Though China demands no countries have diplomatic relations with Taiwan, it enjoys significant unofficial support from many nations, most importantly the US, a key ally that has committed to defend the island against any Chinese aggression, an arrangement preserving its independence.

"Shout out to China, we similar like US and UK, but we went our separate ways," raps Dwagie. "Let's find a way to co-exist, Xi Jinping, disarm the 1,300 missiles aiming where we live. Democracy and peace, freedom and human rights can replace jets and tanks and wars taking lives."