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Teen girl finds testicles in her roast chicken from Asda Thegreenj/CC

A teenage girl was left horrified after discovering testicles in her extra tasty roast chicken from Asda.

The 14-year-old schoolgirl initially thought she had come across maggots in the carcass of the cooked bird when she was preparing dinner with sisters Milly, 12, and Maisie, 11.

The distraught teen rang up her father Paul Douglas while he was at work about the discovery, with the worried father later saying his children were "queasy" after consuming the meat.

Asda have claimed that what was lurking inside the dead bird was not what it seemed, and is in fact harmless.

The girls' father Mr Douglas, 49, said: "It looked like the meat had gone bad.

"It's put them off chicken completely. They were queasy last night. All three of them had a bit of the breast.

"It might be completely harmless but it's not fit for human consumption."

The girls had already taken a bite of the chicken, which came in a bag ready to cook, before noticing the suspect objects inside.

The family later dined on McDonald's for dinner, and none of them opted for chicken nuggets.

Douglas continued: "My 14-year-old texted me asking if she could put the chicken in the oven. It was one of them cook in a bag ones.

"They had eaten half the breast and they found them – it looked like rotten meat."

Douglas returned home as soon as his eldest daughter called him on Tuesday then returned to Asda on Portrack Lane, Stockton on Tees with his receipt.

"I was told there could be live worms in poultry. I asked if the meat would be taken off the shelves, it could make people ill. It's got to go for an investigation.

"He offered me a refund for the chicken but I said it wasn't good enough. That could be a bad batch of meat. It's a sealed bag so you wouldn't have been able to tell. I clocked out from work and lost money, and they offered me a £4 refund," he added.

A further investigation revealed that the chicken's testicles were found in its ribcage and could only be seen once party of the breast had been eaten.

An Asda spokesman said: "We pride ourselves on offering great quality products to our customers.

"Our chickens are prepared to a high standard, but occasionally small amounts of the giblets can be left behind and we completely accept that we dropped a ball here.

"We'd like to reassure Mr Douglas that there was no health risk posed by this chicken and we're sorry for any inconvenience caused."