Teen Mom 2 season 6 returns with an all new episode on Thursday, 13 August on MTV.

Episode 6 is titled, Walk Out, where fans would get to see ample of drama and number of "walkouts". The drama may escalate as Leah and Jenelle struggle to work out their relationship issues with their respective significant others.

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The official synopsis of episode 6 reads:

"Chelsea learns information about Taylor that could impact her court case with Adam; Jeremy threatens Leah with divorce; and Nathan's behavior causes Jenelle to rethink their engagement."

Meanwhile, in a promo clip for the upcoming episode, Jenelle Evans speaks up about her fiancé. She says: "Since Nathan Griffith has returned, he has been acting weird." This is evident as Griffith's temper flares up when Jenelle gets ready to go out with friends.

"So, are you going out tonight?" Nathan asks from the kitchen, to which Jenelle replies, "Yes."

"Who are you going out with?" Nathan asks, "Just a couple of friends," she says.

Then Nathan says, "That's cool." But within moments he confronts her with, "You constantly do things out of revenge, like, 'hey, I'm going out'."

To which Jenelle shoots back: "No, Nathan, you take off. You go stay at a hotel for two days."

Nathan then claims that those two days were the best two days of his life, because there was no yelling or fighting. Jenelle reminds him that he left behind his son, whom he supposedly cares about and whom she took care of while he has been at a hotel with "God knows who doing God knows what!"

Later, Nathan accuses her of "playing the victim card" and asks, "Why are you in this relationship?"

Jenelle responds with "[I want] to make their relationship work for our family but, all you want to do is leave, leave, leave."

The fight continues to escalate and Nathan starts to say something, but is cut-off mid-way as Jenelle says, "If you wanted to work on this relationship, you would stay,"

"You won't let me talk," he shoots back. "You are a b*tch. End of story. That's why all of your relationships -- until you wake up and get some counseling and get some help -- all of them will be doomed."

Then he utters, "Can I get my ring back?"

She leaves the kitchen, and says, "It was a gift."

"I don't want to be with you Jenelle, you are a sociopath," he tells her as she goes upstairs to get her son and their belongings. He calls her psycho. As she and their son prepare to leave, he says that he wants his ring back.

"Don't worry, I'll take it off before I go out tonight," she says and leaves.

Another sneak peek for episode shows Leah Messer meeting her husband, Jeremy Calvert, in a parking lot to give him their daughter.

She tells Jeremy that she has tried to work on her issues to be a better person, but nothing seems to satisfy him.

Leah and Jeremy reach a pivotal moment in their relationship as he says, "You can't love me if you cannot love yourself." Leah retorts and says that she did love herself until they started going through "all of these issues".

Jeremy's lack of love and encouraging words get Leah upset. She walks away and gets into her car. "There's nothing like going through issues alone for three years," Leah says with tears in her eyes and then drives away.