In a tragic incident, an English teenager died of a asthma-triggered heart attack shortly after texting her father for help and updating her status on Facebook to "feels like death."

Siobhan Ullah, 18, of Bradford, who had suffered from asthmatic attacks for years, was in her room when she suddenly found she couldn't breathe, let alone cry out for help. According to a report in The Daily Mail, Siobhan texted her father, saying: "I can't breathe." Upon receiving the message, the report continues, her father, Yousuf Ullah, 45, ran to her room and attempted to calm her down. He also called for an ambulance.

According to a report in The Sun, Siobhan is believed to have whispered: "I think I am going to stop breathing. I think I am going to die."

A short while later, Siobhan died of a heart attack brought on by the asthma.

"She didn't have the lungs to shout for help, so she texted me. Siobhan was diagnosed with asthma when she was five, but we never thought this would happen," Ullah told The Sun.

Siobhan was taken by an ambulance to the Bradford Royal Infirmary, where she was placed on a life-support machine. The machine was switched off the next day, after she was declared brain-dead.

"We don't want our beautiful daughter and sister to have died in vain. People must go to their doctors for treatment - and need to know what to do if someone has an attack," said Ullah.

Siobhan was studying Performing Arts at Bradford University and will be cremated at the Rawdon Crematorium on Thursday