A teenager was injured during a mass brawl involving 50 young people on a Margate beach today (27 May).

An air ambulance landed on the beach as Kent police confirmed that a teenager had been airlifted to hospital with 'non-life-threatening' injuries.

There were no major injuries in the incident and reports that someone had been stabbed were unfounded police said.

According to the Sun, the fight was sparked by a row 'over a girl.' Maxine Haher, who was visiting Margate with two friends, told Sun Online: "The helicopter landed and people were saying someone got stabbed and there were just crowds of people.

"It was basically this huge brawl between a bunch of teenagers. It was over a girl from what we could hear. The beach was very, very busy with and families and it just happened out of nowhere. All of a sudden there was a huge crowd."

A Kent Police spokesman said: 'Police were alerted at 5.05pm to reports of a disturbance on Margate beach involving about 50 young people. One teenage boy has been taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Officers are investigating the incident.'