Tramp Paul Rogers killed pet rabbit by cooking it in microwave
Killer kills rabbit leaving owner devastated Reuters

Thomas Leather, a 14-year-old from Swalwell, in Gateshead, North East England was shocked to find the mutilated remains of his pet rabbit named, Luna. Leather was about to feed his rabbits on 7 May, when he found Luna and Biscuit's hutch broken and the pets missing. After looking around, he found the intestines of one of the rabbits spread across the garden at this home.

When he searched for the other missing pet, the teenager found Luna's decapitated body at a wasteland near a church. The boy's mother, Diane Leather was quoted as saying by Chronicle Live, "My son is only 14-year-old, he's distraught and devastated. Imagine what it was like for him to find his rabbit's body but without a head.

"It was a clean cut so we know it's not from an animal. She was beheaded by a human."

After showing the lifeless body of Luna to police, the family buried the pet. "It's vile and sick for a human being to kill a defenceless animal for no apparent reason."

Last week, a similar incident was reported at nearby Whickham and residents now fear that the killer could be behind other pets as well. "The same thing happened to my son's friend last week and the police are going to speak to them as well," Diane stated.

The whole village has come in support of the Leather family and is trying to help nab the killer. "Everybody is in uproar after this happened to family pets. It has outraged a lot of people," Diane said.

Northumbria Police are investigating further and have requested people to ring them on 101 in case they have any information related to the case.