Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright died after being stabbed in London Met Police


  • Paul Akinnuoye on trial accused of murdering Jordan Wright in south London.
  • Pair got into row in group message before arranging to meet for fight.

A teenager was stabbed to death in south-east London after getting into a petty argument with a friend about who was the least gay, a court has heard.

Paul Akinnuoye, 20, of Tunbridge Wells, is on trial charged with the murder of Jordan Wright in Blackheath in April 2017.

Akinnuoye is accused of murdering Wright, 19, after they got into an argument on WhatApps and arranged to settle it with a fight. Three mates joined them.

The group had planned to meet outside a chicken shop before Wright was fatally stabbed in a nearby park.

The court heard how the argument between the defendant and Wright began after a third person in their WhatsApp messaging group started a new relationship with a woman, reports the Metro.

Prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC told the jury: "At around 5pm an argument breaks out between this defendant and Jordan Wright.

"This petty argument as I am going to describe it, appears to have its genesis within the members of the group commenting on Donnell Jones being in a new relationship with a girl called Fifi.

"Jordan Wright told the defendant: 'You are on his d**k,'" a homophobic slur to which Akinnuoye replied: "On your mum's life I'm straighter than you."

They arranged to fight each other in Shooters Hill Road. Wright is alleged to have said in another group message that the encounter would be a "fist fight ting" and that he would not bring a "shank".

Akinnuoye denied being present at the time of Wright's death. The prosecution said the suspect made efforts to dispose of his phone and other attempts to "cover his tracks".

When police went to his home after Wright's murder, officers noted that a knife was missing from a set of three in the kitchen, the court heard.

The trial continues.