A California teenager has returned to the state to testify against several police officers from San Francisco Bay communities accused of having sex with her.

Jasmine Abuslin, 19, of Richmond, California, had been spirited away to a Florida drug rehabilitation centre where her lawyer suspects she was sent to be out of the reach of a California prosecutor filing charges against the officers.

Abuslin was charged with battery after she bit a security guard who restrained her at the centre, but was released from county jail on a misdemeanour charge after a plea deal and is now back in California.

Abuslin asserted during a TV news interview earlier this year that she had had sex with at least a dozen Oakland police officers, and that some of the encounters occurred while she was an underage prostitute.

She also accused officers of leaking information to her about planned prostitution raids in exchange for sex. Abuslin also implicated officers in departments in other San Francisco Bay communities.

Abuslin's attorney Pamela Price, an Oakland civil right attorney, said her client has been a victim of sex trafficking since the age of 12, and that she had sexual encounters with members of seven different Bay Area law enforcement agencies.

"The fact that she is alive today is a miracle Child sex exploitation is not acceptable for any member of our society — either to engage in it or be subjected to it," said Price at a Florida press conference.

Four Oakland police officers have been fired and seven others were suspended. Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent also resigned.

Pamela Price and other Oakland officials have called on the California State Attorney to open an independent investigation into both the scandal and the decision to move Abuslin to Florida.

An investigation into the sex scandal was triggered by the 2015 suicide of Oakland cop Brendan O'Brien, 30, who was apparently in a relationship with Abuslin, who was using the name Celeste Guap at the time.