17-year-old Breana Rouhselang went missing from Mishawaka, Indiana in December 2018. 16-year-old Aaron Trejo admitted to Rouhselang's murder after her body was found in a dumpster behind a restaurant. Trejo told the investigating team that he had stabbed the girl because she was pregnant with his child and he did not want the child. After being tried as an adult, Trejo received a total of 65-years behind bars.

In December 2018 Rouhselang had informed her mother, Melissa Wallace, that she will be meeting Trejo to talk to him. Hours after she left, her family was unable to contact her. When confronted by Wallace, Trejo told her that he did not meet the victim that day.

Once the police started investigating Rouhselang's disappearance, they found articles of clothing covered in blood near the alley where the teens were supposed to meet. Trejo was taken in for questioning. After telling homicide investigator Gerry Mullins the same story he told Wallace, Trejo finally cracked under pressure.

Munich stabbing
Teen sentenced for stabbing pregnant classmate to death for revealing pregnancy too late Johannes Simon/ Getty Images

According to the Washington Post, Trejo confessed that the multi-sport athlete had hidden her pregnancy from him until it was too late for an abortion. In the state of Indiana, abortion is legal only until the 22nd week of pregnancy. Rouhselang had been six-months pregnant with a baby girl when Trejo found out. He knew that it was too late for an abortion so he decided to take "action" by taking her life.

Trejo stabbed Rouhselang in the heart, claiming that he knew it would kill her instantly. Then, he put her body in a large trash bag and threw it in the dumpster behind a local restaurant. He also threw the knife and Rouhselang's phone into a river in Mishawaka.

Trejo pleaded guilty to the murder of Rouhselang. St. Joseph County superior courthouse sentenced Trejo on January 7. He received 55 years and an additional 10 years for a feticide count. The 394 days Trejo spent in police custody ahead of his sentencing will be counted as a part of his 65-year sentence.