Pakistan cannibalism
Pakistani arrested for cannibalism alongside a child's head - file photo Reuters

A Satanist who murdered and dismembered a woman before eating parts of her body, has been arrested in Manchester, Tennessee, according to reports.

Gregory Scott Hale, 37, was arrested at his home in Coffee County and has been charged with first degree murder after he admitted to the murder of 36-year-old Lisa Hyder of Dekalb County, and performing the grisly ritual that followed.

Devil worshipper Hale was reportedly seeking help from his neighbours to dispose of Hyder's remains, when they became suspicious and contacted the police.

"We are very early in the investigation, the officers were out late last night into the early hours of the morning gathering information," Assistant District Attorney Marla Holloway told WSMV.

In the arrest affidavit, Hale said he cut off Hyder's head, her hands and her feet before burying her torso outside his south-central Tennessee home.

Hale also admitted eating portions of her corpse during a ritual. He claims to have never met the woman he killed.

The deranged man was known to have performed satanic rituals using animal body parts, which he acquired from the slaughterhouse where he worked.

Further evidence of his preoccupation with bloody ritual and death can be found on Hale's Facebook page.

"Would a vegetarian taste like that fake soy meat like they got in sum fast food places???" he 'jokingly' wrote.

He also posted a tribute to serial killer Richard Ramirez who recently died. One of his recent posts he shared a photo with the caption "I hug the people I hate so I know how big to dig the hole in my backyard."