Tesco, Sainsbury's and Costco have signed a new deal with Pack'd, a company which makes DIY smoothies with low sugar. The deal, which becomes effective in April, gives Pack'd access to 600 convenience stores. It is a big jump for a company whose products are currently sold in only 30 gyms and shops, including Planet Organic, Whole Foods and As Nature Intended.

Investors in the 18-month-old startup, founded by Luke Johnston and Alex Stewart, include David Krantz and Peter Lasman. While Krantz, a former Space NK Boss, is known for launching Racing Green, a clothing label, Lasman was previously a director at Chrysalis, the entertainment distribution business.

Johnston came up with the idea for the startup after discovering that even "healthy" pre-bottled drinks were high in sugar content. He recruited Stewart, his school friend, to create these smoothie kits that are claimed to have just half the sugar content of some of the best-selling bottled smoothies, according to The Telegraph.

Pack'd's smoothie kits have fruits and vegetables that are flash frozen and blended with wheatgrass, flax seeds and other ingredients. Health-conscious Britons spend an estimated £1.4bn (€1.8bn, $2bn) per year on pulped fruit and vegetables.

Pack'd's breakthrough deal comes months after Love Smoothies, which sells a range of fruit teas containing a higher proportion of vegetables and fruits, signed a deal with Pret A Manger and Virgin Active.

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