Tesla Model 3 teaser
Tesla will reveal the new Model 3 at an event in California on 31 March Tesla

Elon Musk will formally reveal the Tesla Model 3 at the company's design studio in Hawthorne, California on 31 March. The event start at 8:30pm local time and is expected to give us our first look at the company's newest - and cheapest - electric car.

An electric car of the people, the Model 3 is expected to cost from £30,000, at least half that of the larger Model S saloon car. The Model 3 will likely go up against the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4 is a hugely competitive area of the market. It is tipped to have a range of between 200 and 300 miles, a 0-60mph time of under four seconds, and the first deliveries will arrive at the end of 2017.

The Model 3 has proven so popular already - I'm writing this eight hours before the car is even shown for the first time - that hundreds of eager customers have queued overnight at their local Tesla stores to place $1,000 deposits (£1,000 in the UK). Many trust Musk enough to part with their cash and believe that he and his team know what is best for them and for the car market generally.

Without further ado, here is when the Model 3 event will be starting in your country. Remember, it will be live streamed on Tesla's website here and pre-orders can be placed online once the press conference has started.

  • Los Angeles - 8:30pm (31 March)
  • New York - 1:30am (1 April)
  • London - 4:30am (1 April)
  • Paris - 5:30am (1 April)
  • Moscow - 6:30am (1 April)
  • Tokyo - 12:30pm (1 April)
  • Sydney - 2:30pm (1 April)