Facebook attack keys
Two of the shocking photos Jessica Collins posted to her Facebook page Facebook/Jessica Collins

A mother in Texas issued a warning to other women to remain vigilant and hold their keys between their knuckles as a weapon after she fought off a violent attacker outside her own home.

Sharing a photo of her bloodied nose and blood-stained keys to Facebook, Jessica Collins of Amarillo recounted the attack and how she fought back against the man who punched her in the face.

"I am just trying to raise awareness," wrote Collins. "So many women and girls these days don't pay attention or think until it's too late. So I'm not only trying to inform people but maybe even save lives. Feel free to share, share, share.

"Ladies if [you're] going somewhere alone always always carry your keys with one between two knuckles. It's so important to remember your safety. Especially when everything happens so fast.

"I realised I left my phone charger in my car. So I unlock my car and grab the cord and then step back (to shut the door) when a Hispanic male punched me in the nose.

"Thankfully I had my keys in a defence position because I gave him a right hook and ended up getting him in the neck then he ran one way (holding his neck) and I ran the other way into my [apartment] building and got inside my [apartment] then called the police.

"A report has been made but still. Please be careful out there. He's is still out there somewhere and I know there are probably others like this. Feel free to share to save a life."