A tiny sea otter pup is being cared for at an aquarium in Canada - and it is incredibly cute. The pup was found swimming alone in open water off northern Vancouver Island.

A video uploaded to the official Facebook page of the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre shows the little otter, estimated to be two to four weeks old, being cared for by staff.

The video also says that staff and volunteers were providing 24-hour care for the young male pup at the Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, including feeding, bathing and grooming - which is possibly the world's greatest job.

Although the pup appears healthy, he requires care night and day from the Rescue Centre team, just as he would from his mother.

Sea otter pups are dependent on their mothers for five to 12 months.

The fur of a sea otter is the densest of any animal with around one million hairs per square inch, which is because otters have no blubber to keep warm in the ocean.

They must still eat the equivalent of 25% to 40% of their body weight in order to keep warm. Sea otters eat dozens of different marine species.

Adorable Sea Otter Pup Rescued From Open Waters