Gamer Soumil Kumar/Pexels

"Teamfight Tactics" Set 8 will be arriving soon, bringing with it new content into the game. At the time of writing, not all of the Set 8 traits have been made public. Others, such as Ox Force and the appearance of Mech again, remain a mystery. Here are some of the Set Eight TFT traits as revealed by game design director Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer.

Spellslinger Set 8 trait

In "TFT" Set 8, there are five Spellslinger units. After performing a spell, the trait gives Spellslinger units more ability power, and a portion of that ability power is used to deal magic damage, according to DOT Esports.

Heart Set 8 trait

There are six Heart units in "TFT" Set Eight. Heart is an ability power trait that grants Heart units stacking ability power for the remainder of the battle when they perform their initial spell. At each breakpoint, the ability power increases.

Gadgeteen Set 8 trait

"TFT" Set Eight has five Gadgeteen units. Gadgeteen units produce a randomly modified weapon each round that will degrade after two rounds of use.

Anima Squad TFT Set 8 trait

TFT champions like Miss Fortune, Vayne, Jinx, Nasus, Riven, and Sylas are members of the Anima Squad. They enjoy defeating foes and are happy to pose for pictures afterward. However, the pose isn't just for show because it gives the Anima Squad champions Fame points that add up.

Threat Set 8 trait

Since it isn't a trait in the traditional sense, the Threat trait is the first of its type. Rammus is in Set Eight, and the Armordillo bears the Threat trait. Champions who have Threat are essentially lone vigilantes. Therefore, they don't benefit from other units having Threat traits.

The TFT design team enhanced the total power of Threat units to make up for their lack of trait synergy. Set Eight Threat champions to make great reroll targets and offer flexibility in early-, mid-, and late-game lineups. We also know of Vel'Koz, Zac, Bel'Veth, and Aurelion Sol as Threat champions.