Police in Thailand have arrested three bar hostesses for promoting alcohol during a Facebook Live stream in Saraburi province on Wednesday (2 August).

The models will face a fine of up to THB500000 ($15,000, £11,347), local news website Khaosod English reported..

The arrest came after authorities renewed their pledge to prosecute anyone who uses social media to promote alcohol consumption.

"Yes, this is part of the new policy, after deputy police commissioner Suwira [Songmetta] gave us the directives," Saraburi police commander Chairat Thipchan was quoted as saying by Khaosod English. "In my jurisdiction, we saw the video, and it was a clear violation of the law, so we took action."

The three suspects Janjira Jansakha, Nanthida Punyamanote and Nantarika Pueakkliang work as so-called "cheer beer ladies". Their job was to promote alcohol brands at venues and events.

Thipchan said that the police recently came across the Facebook Live video, which was taken at a bar called Bar Cony featuring the models.

While the video showed the women chattering and teasing the viewers, one of them was seen announcing a "buy one, get one free" promotion.

"You can come and get us drunk. We want to get drunk!" one of the models said. "Hurry up and get here!"

A statement from Saraburi police station said, "The three women were arrested because they wore improper clothes and tried to advertise alcohol.

"They advertised that there was a promotion for customers to visit the bar and drink there before 9pm (3pm BST) where they buy one bottle of Leo and get one free."

"We are expanding the investigation to find out whether the bar owner ... is also guilty," Thipchan said "But it's clear the suspects are guilty."

The owner of the bar has said that she would help pay the fine for the three women if they were found guilty.

"At first, police told me they would just give us a warning, but when I saw the news, it was way bigger than I understood," said the owner of the Bar Cony.

Police will continue the crackdown, Thipchan said.

Thipchan said that offering discounts and other forms of promotions related to alcohol breaches 2008 alcohol law.

According to the Alcohol Control Act of 2008, no person is allowed to advertise alcoholic beverages to induce people to drink either directly or indirectly.

The crackdown has come as the junta is tightening its grip on alcohol advertising in the country, The Daily Mail reports.

Government officials are also reportedly monitoring social media accounts of celebrities to curb alcohol promotions.