Those of BA's more affluent customers will be given four-hour sessions on air safety, particularly on how to survive plane crashes.

The Independent has reported that BA will offer their frequent flyers some tips on how to survive a plane crash for as little as £125.

Andy Clubb, BA's manager running the course said to the Independent: "It makes passengers safer when travelling by giving additional skills and information, it dispels all those internet theories about the 'brace position' and it just gives people so much more confidence in flying."

"With other passengers around them reacting in a positive manner to the instructions being given by the crew, the few passengers that might have frozen might follow those who demonstrate that they know what they are doing,"

The programme was developed by BA and requested by BP, who send their staff to some of the more dangerous parts of the world.

The UK is extraordinarily safe when air flights are involved and some have questioned whether the news that a safety course is available could cause some unnecessary flight-anxiety. However, Virgin Atlantic have never had a crash since they first hit the runway back in 1984 and have never had a crash, yet they still offer a £78 course called "expect the unexpected".