Walter Earl Morrison (Handout)
Walter Earl Morrison (Handout)

A former airport worker allegedly stole a diamond worth £100,000, then swapped it for a £12 bag of cannabis.

Walter Earl Morrison, 20, was working for United Parcel Service unloading luggage from a plane in Sky Harbor Airport, Arizona, when he stole a parcel, believing it to contain cash, according to court documents.

When he opened the package, he found a diamond ring.

Instead of trading the stone for cash or valuables, he then swapped it for a small bag of marijuana.

He was arrested for theft and sacked from the UPS. The diamond was recovered and returned to its rightful owner, said a company spokesman.

Morrison, who is has been charged with felony theft, admitted to police that "he made a mistake", according to the documents.

In March, a Mumbai housekeeper allegedly stole antique jewellery from her employer.

Believing it was fake, she then gave it away to children in her neighbourhood.

Police managed to recover all of the jewellery, and charged the woman with theft.