At 35, Carrie Hilton is not only a glamorous woman but possibly one of Britain's youngest grandmother after her 17-year-old daughter, Clarice, welcomed baby Jessica in May. But what's more astonishing is the exorbitant amount that she has spent on plastic surgeries in a bid to remain young.

So far, Manchester-based Hilton has splurged around £13,000 within a span of five years on different procedures that include breast implants, teeth bonds, Botox, hair extensions, and more, the Sun reported. And while she may have resorted to various cosmetic procedures, when it comes to fitness it all gets down to exercising.

The mother-of-two, whose envy-worthy figure has left many of her Instagram followers stunned, frequently works out in her kitchen and is a kickboxing enthusiast. So much so that she attends the classes almost five times in a week.

"I've always been fit and active. I don't go out much, all I do is work and train, so I haven't used the fact I'm a grandma to fend off any young men," the 35-year-old, who works as a media sales manager said.

As far as her personal style is concerned, the young granny tends to be, in her own words, kind of tomboyish. But being glamorous and at the same time active on social media also mean she has to deal with a fair share of critics.

"I'm getting slated a bit on social media at the moment, but people are entitled to their own opinion and at the end of the day opinions are only opinions aren't they? It really doesn't phase me," Hilton told IBTimes UK.

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However, the constant body shaming and criticism that several other fitness enthusiasts and Instagram mums have to face are something that Hilton thinks is "unfair".

"I see people all the time online who have done so well with their personal health and fitness journies who are so proud of their results," she told us. "Anyone who is mean to them should find something better to do with their time or keep scrolling."

"Good for everyone who's working to improve their selves for their own happiness. This is the first time I've had negative comments about my body, I've worked hard for over 12 years on my own body goals so again, this does phase me," explained the mum-of-two.

Regardless, the young 'nan' continues to inspire her social media followers with one stunning picture after another. Whether it's her post-workout snaps or her really edgy and numerous tattoos, she is frequently showered with gushing messages from her followers.

"Operation 'on one', this was me just a month ago and I've been lazy! So time to press on and earn it again... no thanks to bank holiday drinking, I'm training!" she shared alongside a picture of hers in gym shorts and a tee.

As expected, her followers couldn't help raving. "Look in fantastic shape (sic)," an impressed user commented while another wrote, "It's weird you are a grandma," on a photo of hers that showed Hilton getting a giant eagle tattoo on her back.

Asides her "masterpiece" eagle tattoo, Hilton has a half sleeve of roses and butterflies, a quote on her outside lower arm that says 'with brave wings she flies'. And she tells us, she has a new one planned, this time on her calf!

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