Inside Britain's most haunted prison, a ghost hunting duo claims to have filmed several eerie occurrences, including the chilling 'apparition' of a man who was the last one to be hanged there.

Paranormal experts Tony Ferguson and his wife Bev visited the historic Bodmin Jail in Cornwall on Monday evening, 8 January, and that is when they noticed something "real haunting" in the corridors.

While the two weren't looking, the spookiest thing was caught on camera – a white-faced ghoulish figure. It is said to have drifted past the end of the corridor, casting a look in their direction.

According to the paranormal investigators, the eerie scene was recorded moments after he had called out the name William, making him believe that it was none other than William Hampton's spirit.

Hampton – who was allegedly jailed on murder charges – was, as per reports, the last man to have been hanged at the prison in 1909. Altogether, 55 people were executed in the Bodmin Jail. The prison is now largely in ruins, with parts of it turned into a tourist attraction.

"It was insane. I have investigated many locations and seen many things, but never seen activity like this. I can't explain it," 32-year-old Ferguson explained, as per the Daily Mail. "But I think this is a real haunting. There are lots of residual spirits trapped there in the jail... He doesn't acknowledge those who see him, which makes me think he's just a residual haunting, trapped there."

The paranormal expert, however, tried to make sure that no one else had entered the corridors other than them. So the following night, when he went back in to check the CCTV footage, he was beyond shocked with the change in atmosphere.

"There was a different feel to the place. It is as I built up a story of the location and built up a relationship with it," he said, adding, "Staff checked CCTV in the area near where the figure was spotted and they were shocked to see no one came in there at all."

"Believe it or not, I didn't see it that night. I saw it in the morning when I started editing it. I thought, 'What's that?' When I saw it, I was shocked by it," said Ferguson.