New employee being welcomes to the team
To participate in the 3-3-3 program, employees are required to share a photo of their hangout session on the designated "3-3-3" Slack channel. Shutterstock

A California-based tech company, Verkada, is fostering a unique workplace culture by introducing the "3-3-3 perk," a plan that pays its employees to socialise with each other after 3pm. The cloud-based security firm allocates funds for three or more employees to enjoy food and drinks, with each employee permitted to spend $30.

CFO Kameron Rezai suggested that employees use the perk once or twice a week, aiming to enhance traditional happy hour experiences.

"The idea is it's the afternoon and three people go out and hang out together, chances are you'll talk about something that is relevant or work-related and ultimately that will benefit us."

Implemented in April of the previous year, the $3.5 billion company has seen 1,800 of its employees actively participate in the program.

Verkada's CEO, Filip Kaliszan, explained the value of these social interactions, noting that conversations during such hangouts often touch on relevant or work-related topics, ultimately benefiting the company's competitiveness in an industry where rivals are tech companies worth $100 billion.

An essential aspect of the 3-3-3 program is the requirement for employees to share a photo of their hangout session on the dedicated "3-3-3" Slack channel. Kaliszan clarified that the program's success isn't solely about the budget but more about creating enthusiasm among employees.

He stressed that the initiative encourages a connected workplace culture, essential for staying competitive in the tech industry.

CFO Kameron Rezai acknowledged that during economic downturns, benefit reassessment might be necessary. However, he highlighted that the primary objective of the program is to empower workers to take charge of their interactions, fostering a cohesive workplace environment.

"It wasn't about the money it wasn't about the budget. It was about everyone knowing that this is something they can do and then everyone getting excited about it," Filip Kaliszan said.

Before the official launch in April last year, employees could already go for drinks at the company's expense, but the initiative wasn't well-known. Verkada decided to promote the program more effectively by advertising it through posters around the office and elevators.

The concept gained rapid popularity on social media, with many applauding the company for encouraging team bonding and friendships outside of the formal work setting. Verkada's commitment to innovative workplace practices earned it recognition as the top enterprise in Fast Company's Best Workplaces for Innovators 2023.

In recent developments, Verkada introduced the GC31 Cellular Gateway, facilitating device deployment in challenging or remote locations. The company also launched a new set of government-grade solutions, including Command for video security and visitor management hosted on AWS GovCloud, an updated mobile app for iOS and Android, and various feature updates to enhance the Command platform.

Founded in 2016, Verkada initially focused on selling security cameras but has expanded to offer six different product lines, including access control, alarms, air quality detectors, guest management devices and intercoms.