Celebrity lookalikes and 'fake' stars with their uncanny similarities are nothing new. But when a top news publication failed to spot the difference between the real star and his doppelganger, Twitterverse had a laugh riot.

Most recently, a supplement of The Times of India, a popular Indian daily, published an interview with WWE star Hulk Hogan. And everything looked fine until an eagle-eyed wrestling fan pointed out that the interviewee was not the original Hogan.

"Some guy at a local wrestling show seems to have convinced Times of India that he's actually Hulk Hogan," the WWE fan shared, "I'm not sure how this happened, I just know that one of the world's largest newspapers published it, and I want to know more!"

Along with the tweet was attached a screengrab of the piece published in the paper's entertainment section, The Times of Bangalore, as per reports.

The newspaper piece not only quoted the iconic "Hogan", whose real name is Terry Gene Bollea, but it was also accompanied with a picture of the apparent wrestling star, who was dubbed "Mr Wrestler" in the article.

According to reports, the article quoted Hogan as saying, "I am falling in love with India." It also included excerpts about his time in the north Indian city of Chandigarh, his favourite cuisine and his take on Indian wrestling.

"My cook is going to surprise me with some special Indian dishes, and I can't wait!" he was quoted as saying by the newspaper. However, once keen Twitter users pointed out that the interviewee was actually a lookalike of the 64-year-old star, the article was taken down.

"The story has been removed as it was factually incorrect," read an explanation instead of the original interview.

However, this hasn't stopped WWE fans from having a field day on Twitter over the faux pas.

"He doesn't look like Hulk Hogan," a user replied, as someone else also commented, "This ain't [Hulk] Hogan. Damn!"

A third user joked, "Hulk Hogan has no takers in his own town now. How long ago was his peak? So even if he is HH, he has a reason to fall in love with India at this juncture [sic]."

"So much for fact checking," a critic shared.

As someone else tweeted, "Hahahaha. I am rolling deep in laughter. The photograph is actually funny. I am going to try being Roman Reigns in Chandigarh."

"They got me at 'kind blue eyes...' What even, lmao!" added another.

Hulk Hogan WWE Hall of Fame
The 'real' Hulk Hogan in the ring - File photo Getty