British star Jesy Nelson has landed herself in a furious row over her latest social media upload, which shows the Little Mix star flaunting her fiery dreadlocked hair.

Not only was the songstress accused of cultural appropriation following her post, but some have even slammed her style as "disrespectful and disgusting".

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, the east London-born singer shared a sultry photo, showing off her glamorous looks and a brand new hairstyle to her 3 million-plus followers. However, the picture, that showed Nelson's waist-long hair styled into dreads, ended up being at the centre of a bitter controversy.

As more and more fans took notice of the click – which seemed to be a part of some photoshoot – they unleashed their fury at the singer, accusing her of being "offensive" and "ignorant" over the particular look.

"She shouldn't have dreads because if I recall she is not of African or Jamaican decent," a critic commented on the photo that has so far garnered over 114,000 likes and several divided comments.

A second fan opined, "That's not cool Jes," as someone else chimed in, writing, "It's cultural appropriation. You shouldn't praise her for doing that."

"She should educate herself on those subjects before she even considers doing something like that (same with the other girls). It's disrespectful and disgusting," slammed another furious fan.

As one more follower went on a rant, adding, "I think it's a mix between dreads and twists. But that isn't even the worst thing of her... they never apologized for doing it even after being called out on it. I've talked to some fans and people who used to be fans and they find not apologizing after knowing what you did wrong (and repeating it) more disrespectful than them actually doing it. I'm honestly losing all my respect for this band."

"The dreads is from black culture, when a white person use that, take away all the meaning behind this (sic)," another critic wrote, as someone else added, "What were you thinking?"

While most fans appeared to be not-so-pleased with the Little Mix member's latest hair-do, some of her supporters came to her rescue as well.

"What's wrong with this? It's just hair to me unless can you tell me what's wrong," the comment read.

The debate over cultural appropriation is not a new thing in Hollywood, and more often than not, celebrities have ended up becoming a part of the controversies. Most recently, though, it was social media queen Kim Kardashian, who had come under fire for flaunting her "Bo Derek" braids.

After facing a bout of flak from fans, the 37-year-old TV star was, however, supported by yesteryear actress Bo Derek herself.

"Hey! It's just a hairstyle that I wore in the movie '10'," she tweeted adding, "@KimKardashian calls it the Bo Derek because she copied my pattern of braids."