If you could get US President Donald Trump to say anything, what would it be? No more nukes? Global warming is real? Grab 'em by the... oh wait, he did say that.

Late night TV host Stephen Colbert got the chance when he interviewed Anthony Atamanuik, star of The President Show, an upcoming comedy slot on Comedy Central.

Atamanuik has been impersonating Trump since just after the famous escalator, he told Colbert, before explaining how to do an impression of the mogul-cum-President. "Trump pitches forward," Atamanuik says as he leans forward in Trumpian style.

After that, the mouth and the arms are key, Atamanuik says in the video – the mouth is like "a shit-zu", he adds.

Given his chance to make the President say what he wants, Colbert gets Atamanuik to say: "My support of Bill O'Reilly was wrong, insensitive and totally stupid" referencing the Fox News anchor who was recently dropped by the network after reports of sexual harassment allegations.

And the other thing Colbert wants Trump to say? "I would like to officially announce that I will no longer be seeking a third term."

Donald Trump
18 April 2017: US President Donald Trump Kevin Lamarque/Reuters