little waitrose please
Is this the most middle class graffiti ever? Twitter

A photo of "the most middle class graffiti ever" has been shared on social media, after someone daubed a request for a "little Waitrose" on the side of an East London building site.

The graffiti, which appeared in Whitechapel, was snapped and posted on Twitter by user Aoife Mcardle, who commented "Whitechapel – begging for gentrification".

Her post was retweeted by amused social media users, one of whom said: "It's that lust for a daily free coffee that makes them do it."

The graffiti was also shared with @ShitLondon, which posts ridiculous things seen and heard in the capital, including the man who woke up to find a fox pulling his trousers off, and other middle class graffiti, such as the person who took the time to spray the word 'tofu' on the floor of a local park.

Whitechapel is close to several areas of London described as gentrified over the past few years, including Brick Lane, Dalston, Borough Market and Victoria Park Village.

But with house prices in the Tower Hamlets neighbourhood increasing, and a predicted 54% increase in the area when Crossrail opens, it appears some of the 'middle class mafia' are keen for wealth indicator Waitrose to open a store there.