A short clip on Instragram has already raked in 20,000 views for a brilliant reason. In it, a man bravely decides to pull out a precariously balancing Jenga piece, and instead of it crashing down – as it should do – the tower falls into place perfectly.

Nick Pease uploaded the video last month. He captioned the video "apparently my cousin is a Jenga wizard" and strangers in the comments couldn't agree more.

One user called it "legendary" while another put "Holy sh*t. This is magic. His face is priceless".

Someone said the video was completely unique: "We see a lot of the same things over and over on Instagram but this really made me smile today. Rad capture Nick."

After the astonishing move, the camera pans to the rest of the family, who look completely gobsmacked at what they just saw.

Pease is based in Colorado according to his Instagram and frequently takes a lot of outdoors action photography.

The clip has drawn in people from all over the world as many of the replies are in Spanish and French for example. One user put "C'est pas de la luck, c'est du talent".

This video has truly set the bar for Jenga this Christmas.