A recent school wrestling match turned into an adorable display of brotherly love when a two-year-old boy interrupted a match to tackle his older sister's opponent.

Accompanied by his parents, Jash attended the 10 December sporting event at the Indiana Springs Middle School, Indiana where his four-year-old big sister Ruby was competing. However, the young boy was not willing to sit on the sidelines and watch as his elder sibling got defeated by five-year-old Ryan.

As the fight started to go in favour of Ryan, Jash was seen running onto the mat and lunging at him. The toddler's father raced after him and pulled him off, as the audience in the gym broke out in laughter and applause.

"I could not believe that that happened," the siblings' mother, Crystal Lewis, told People Magazine. "I was a little embarrassed for a second, but the whole room was laughing."

Crystal said that she and her husband were watching the match so intently that they were a little slow to react to the sudden intervention. She explained that Ruby and Jash were very close and he was protective of his big sis.

"They pretty much do everything together," she added. "They're together all the time except for when she goes to preschool — they usually include each other in whatever they're playing."

Ryan was visibly stunned by the interruption and initially thought that he was expected to wrestle two people at once. "He told me, 'Mommy, I'm only supposed to wrestle one person,'" his mother, Tori Prendergrast said. "He thought they were trying to get him to wrestle two people. He just had fun with his meet and it was only his fourth time wrestling.

"It was so cute. The whole place was cracking up when it happened," she added. "I only have boys, but if I had a daughter, I hope they would protect their sister like that."

Later, she posted a video of the fight on her Facebook account. "When the girl you're wrestling has a tough little brother, don't mess with his sister," she wrote alongside. The clip has already earned over 570,000 views.

When the girl you're wrestling has a tough little brother, don't mess with his sister.....you won't regret watching this video, promise 😂😂For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom

Posted by Tori 'Allen' Prendergast on Monday, December 11, 2017