Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson has divided opinion by sharing a picture of herself perched naked on a huge black and white bathtub.

The 27-year-old reality star has made a name for herself on social media with her string of promotional posts, many of which are fashion-related.

Thompson was not trying to sell clothing in her latest Instagram offering but instead showing off her gym-honed physique in a snapshot taken from behind.

Her naked buttocks are on full display.

The snap caused a lengthy debate in the comments section with many of her followers fiercely defending her against accusations that she was anti-feminist.

One defender wrote: "This is actually really artistic" andanother said: "Your body is insane xx".

Critics felt that the image was gratuitous and sexist.

One commented: "This is not an empowering post to women in any way. It is a vanity post and if anything, louise is not teaching women to be proud of their bodies, but that a body (instead of a brain) can be used to get attention and validation."

Another added: "Just don't see why 'celebs' feel the need to do these shots, ur gorgeous @louise.thompson but what's the point of them lol?"

The picture amassed more than 45,000 likes in a day with fans continuing to add their comments to it.

Social media-savvy Thompson – who has starred on Made in Chelsea and ITV's The Jump – boasts 1.1m Instagram followers. She uses the platform mainly as a promotional tool to advertise products by fashion, food and health companies with alluring selfies.