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Netflix users can change the way they use the service with this simple hack. IBTimes UK

Netflix users will openly admit the online streaming service is great, but it's not perfect. One flaw many will recognise is its recommended shows feature, which can all too easily expose your guilty pleasures. However, canny subscribers have devised a brilliant hack to fix this.

While you may profess to being a Netflix erudite who watches only thought-provoking documentaries, that one time you couldn't resist watching an episode of Ru Paul's Drag Race will be there for all to see on Netflix's 'because you watched' section.

Not only this, but the overzealous 'recommended' algorithm turns your home menu into a confusing, jumbled-up genre mix of TV shows and movies.

The hack to solve this simply involves creating multiple user profiles. With Netflix allowing five profiles per account, which would normally be reserved for different family members or the kids, they can instead by renamed by genre. For instance, label one 'documentaries' and another 'movies' or 'comedies' and only watching that genre on the profile will result in a cleaner, tidier Netflix experience for viewers with eclectic tastes.

Netflix's recommended system has faced its share of contention as of late with the service stunning users by revealing its old 'star' rating system was never an aggregated review score from other Netflixers as everyone thought, rather a prediction of how much it believed you would like to watch something.

Netflix hack trick
Create multiple profiles to make your Netflix experience much cleaner. Netflix

To clear things up the service introduced the 'thumbs up' system which made it more apparent that users needed to select this if they wanted to see similar content, or hit 'thumbs down' if it didn't want to be suggested it again.