Brace yourself for another round of sobs and heartbreaks as This Is Us airs the final episode of season 1 on Tuesday. The season finale titled Moonshadow picks up where we last saw Jack – drunk and devastated – making a last attempt to save his marriage. And if show star Milo Ventimiglia's words are any indication, this might be the doomed ride when Jack meets his tragic fate.

Click here to watch This Is Us season finale live online on the official website of NBC. Episode 18 will air on the network on 14 March at 9pm EST.

Ventimiglia warned This Is Us fans of a tragedy that is about to unfold in the final episode of the season.

We last saw him making an ominous trip to Cleveland, where his wife Rebecca is performing her very first gig. As noble as his intentions might be to sort out all differences in their marriage, Jack might not have luck on his side. This might just be the episode that reveals how Jack died.

"It's almost like that drink is a bit of a truth serum and a relaxer to the way that he thinks, 'I'm going to go get my wife back.' And it's a poor decision on his part that may lead to his death," Ventimiglia teased about the future of his character.

As if that's not ominous enough, he tells EW, "Papa Pearson is very concerned for the audience right now."

Indeed all eyes will be on Jack and Rebecca as show creator Dan Fogelman explained, but the timeline will take fans back to the year 1972, even before Jack and Rebecca had met. The sort of standalone episode follows Jack after he returns from Vietnam and tries to adjust with his life and parents.

"That was a tough era for Vietnam vets — coming home from war, they weren't welcomed with open arms," the actor explains. "[Jack] comes home from a war and ultimately, quietly, there's a bit of a war at home. It's no surprise that Jack has had a bad relationship with his father, and that continues."

Meanwhile Rebecca will be seen struggling with her music career and the pressure of settling down with a husband. There's more to the season finale as the big three – Kate, Kevin and Randall – "make big decisions about their futures".

"It's really a Jack and Rebecca episode with a lot of weight to it," Fogelman told The Hollywood Reporter while Ventimiglia warns, "Get ready. It's a rocky ride at the end."