All is not well between picture-perfect couple Jack and Rebecca Pearson, who were last seen arguing in episode 15 before the Memphis special standalone. Unfortunately, This Is Us fans will have to wait for seven more days until the show returns with the next half of their story in episode 17 titled What Now?

Will Jack and Rebecca continue to grow distant when This Is Us is back with a new episode on Tuesday 7 March at 9pm EST? Click here to watch episode 17 via live stream on the official website of NBC.

The emotional drama revolving around the Pearson family took a short detour last week with the standalone episode called Memphis. Randall and William were at the centre of all events as the father-son duo embarked on a final road trip.

Sadly enough, the final few moments turned out to be an absolute emotional ride for This Is Us fans with William breathing his last and Randall helplessly standing by his father during his final hours.

After the tearjerker episode, Jack and Rebecca's strained marriage and their growing tensions will once again be the highlight of the upcoming episode. A promo video teased Rebecca leaving her family in Jack's supervision while she tours with her music band across five states. With her gone, it doesn't look like the Pearson patriarch will have an easy time dealing with his job, the teenagers, and his wife's absence.

In fact fans have every reason to worry about the future of their marriage as the otherwise faithful Jack is seen hitting the bar while Rebecca is gone. He even seems to enjoy the female attention coming his way. Are there the first signs of infidelity? Will Jack and Rebecca's relationship last the test of distance?

Elsewhere in the episode, Kevin and Sophie are on the road to reconciliation, while Kendal is a changed man after his father's death. He is stronger and has learnt to appreciate every moment of his life with his family.

Catch up with the loving Pearson family and their emotional joyride when This Is Us returns on 7 March on NBC.