"A Hell of a Week" trilogy continues in "This Is Us" season 4 episode 13. Following Randall's Part 1 and Kevin's Part 2, Part 3 brings to light Kate's past events that define her future. Fans of Chrissy Metz's character be prepared for a big Kate episode.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "This Is Us" season 4 episode 13. Steer away immediately, if you don't want to learn more about it.]

Life for the Big Three—Randall, Kevin, and Kate—has been quite a struggle. But when it comes to Kate, she has been desperately trying to overcome her past and rebuild a life of happiness with husband Toby and son Jack. However, due to her circumstances, she always finds herself pushed back.

"This Is Us" season 4 episode 13 focuses on Kate and her past relationships, particularly the one with Marc. The relationship was certainly doomed considering how he treated Kate. Meanwhile, Rebecca's motherly instinct was on point, suggesting Marc isn't good for her daughter.

The episode will take viewers back in time when Kate was desperately trying to make things work with Marc and her mother warned her about him. In the present, as the promo shows, Kate makes a hefty demand from Toby and asks him to "be the man" she wants him to be.

As for the synopsis for "A Hell of a Week: Part Three" is vague and gives little details. According to the description on Spoiler TV, Kate struggles to find strength and finds it in "unexpected places."

The Big Three Trilogy started earlier this year with Part 1 providing the details of the struggles from Randall's life. During the episode, Randall is having a bad week and fans witness flashbacks from two bad yet significant incidents from his early life.

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The second part of the trilogy revolved around Kevin bringing to light the big moments from his life as a teenager, school-goer, and a toddler. A large part of the episode focused on Kevin's relationship with his ex-wife Sophie, who is back in the scene again.

"This Is Us" season 4 episode 13 airs Tuesday, February 11 on NBC.