"This Is Us" season 4 went out with a blast. The finale made some tantalising revelation, showcased a couple of flash-forwards, introduced new characters, and featured a massive showdown, which all left fans clamouring for more. Luckily, the showrunner Dan Fogelman addressed our concerns and teased what's coming next in "This Is Us" Season 5 and 6

"This Is Us" season 4 finale "Strangers: Part Two" shed light on the events that led to the difference between the brothers Randall and Kevin and why they won't be talking by the time they turn 40. Meanwhile, Rebecca is still haunted by the death of her firstborn Kyle and it is followed by the family's visit to Dr. K, the obstetrician.

In the present day, Rebecca announces that she is volunteering for a clinical trial. The show showcases the moment when Kate and Toby decide to adopt another baby. Meanwhile, Kevin is expecting twins with Madison who got pregnant soon after their one-night stand. However, the mystery about her fiancée remains unclear.

"This Is Us" showrunner Fogelman addressed several burning questions about the series' current storyline while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter. He promised that "there's an immediate answer coming to" Kevin's fiancée mystery. As the show enters season 5, fans can expect "many more chapters in Kevin's romantic story." Fogelman confirms that "Kevin has a journey ahead of him." Meanwhile, Kevin's former partners Cassidy and Sophie, "are not done with," yet.

Rebecca announced she is taking up the clinical trial and she will be moving to hospital St. Louis for nine months. However, as per the showrunner, it is going to be "a challenging track for Rebecca, moving forward."

"We also have a big storyline planned for Mandy [Moore] in the coming season in present-day, as an older woman, and also in her past timelines," Fogelman said.

Kate's absence in Rebecca's flash-forward has got fans worried. However, fans are informed answers are coming but it is hard to say whether it will happen in the next season or the sixth one.

When "This Is Us" season 5 premieres, there will be new characters and new beginnings. Some of them we are going to meet at are Kate and Toby's daughter and Kevin's second child.

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Unfortunately, we do not know have the official premiere date of "This Is Us" season 5. However, fans can expect it to air sometime in fall, this year.