If only all commercial flights were as long (or short) as the hop between two of Scotland's Orkney Islands, which at just 80 seconds, can lay claim to being the shortest scheduled passenger flight in the world.

On the remote collection of islands comprising an archipelago off Scotland's north-eastern coast, people wanting to travel between Westray and Papa Westray – just 1.7 miles apart – can't drive or catch the train, but they can fly.

The flight is operated by Scottish airline Loganair, which can whisk passengers across the short distance using its light aircraft, in less time than it takes to make a gin and tonic (which you won't be able to drink onboard anyway).

The route has been flown since 1967 and costs £21 one-way for the service, which is used as integral part of islanders' daily commute. A video of the world's shortest flight was posted to YouTube by Great Big Story.

The chief pilot, Colin, describes the flight as more like "a bus service" as up to eight passengers climb aboard the aircraft that only flies at an altitude of 350ft. The pilot claims to have made the journey around five thousand times in his 50 year career.

The flight continues to operate for the inhabitants of the Westray Islands as building bridges "doesn't make financial sense" due to lack of use from the population of less than 100. Passengers can opt to take a ferry but the travel time is far longer for the short distance.

With long-distance air travel still taking a painfully long amount of time there may be hope in the future for hypersonic planes to drastically reduce flight times. The super-speed aircraft using scramjet engine technology are claimed to be able to fly from London to Sydney in two hours.