Thomas Markle is telling all about his relationship with his estranged daughter, Meghan Markle, and his son-in-law, Prince Harry, in a Channel 5 documentary titled "Thomas Marke: My Story."

In the eye-opening special feature that aired on Wednesday, the former television lighting director defended himself amid the backlash he received after he staged paparazzi shots of himself to "change his image." He backtracked on his previous statement that he did not receive money for the photos and admitted that he got 30 percent of the sales of the pictures.

Markle said that was the start of his fallout with his daughter and revealed that Prince Harry called him after his heart surgery to reprimand him. He remembered feeling bitter about it given he was at the hospital at the time.

"Harry said to me, 'If you had listened to me, this would not have happened to you.' If I stayed in the house, and never spoken to anyone this wouldn't have happened. To me, that was a very rude thing to say, especially when he knew I was lying in a hospital bed," Markle said in the documentary as quoted by ET Canada.

"At that point I said to him, 'It's too bad I didn't die because you guys could pretend that you're sad,' and then I hung up on them. I was done. That may have caused everything, I don't know. But I've not heard from them or spoken to them since," he added.

"I can't see her reaching out to me. Especially now." #ThomasMarkleMyStory, is up next.

— Channel 5 (@channel5_tv) January 22, 2020

In the same interview, Markle admitted that he lied about having conversations with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after their wedding. He said he lied "on the Piers [Morgan] show" because he wanted to make "their image appear better."

The 75-year old said that moving forward he is going to do interviews about Prince Harry and Meghan and be paid for it. He does not care anymore about what people will think of him. He said he needs to be paid for what he has been through. He claimed Prince Harry, his daughter, and the British Royal Family owe him that much.

"The royals owe me. Harry owes me. Meghan owes me. What I have been through, I should be rewarded for," Markle admitted and added that the Duchess told him that she would take care of him when he reaches his senior years. He said it is time that she "look after Daddy."

Markle also called Meghan a liar for telling everyone that she paid her way through university when he paid for her tuition, her apartment, and supported her acting dream. He accused the Duchess of Sussex of ghosting him, which he admitted is "very hurtful to me."

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