Three people have been killed and 10 injured after a vehicle smashed into a crowd of people at a car auction in Massachusetts.

A jeep was being moved at the Lynnway Auto Auction in Billerica on Wednesday morning (3 May) when it crashed through a concrete wall and into a crowd of hundreds of people.

Woody Tuttle, who works for the auto auction, told WCVB-TV: "I heard a screeching of tires, and, I believe, a Jeep Cherokee went flying by me. In avoiding the cars, whoever was driving this vehicle hit several people."

It is thought the vehicle was driven between two lanes of cars in the auction building, but that people were standing in between the lanes of cars.

Two women and one man were killed in the accident, while a further 10 people were rushed to a nearby hospital – two of them reported to be suffering from life-threatening injuries.

Marian Ryan told Reuters: "The preliminary information that we have right now is that it was a tragic accident."

It is believed the driver was an employee of the company; a man aged 70, although the circumstances surrounding the fatal collision are not yet clear.

Police in Billerica, Massachusetts, confirmed they had no evidence at present that the accident was intentional or an act of terrorism.

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