Three women have been arrested in suspicion of terror offences in an ongoing operation linked to an earlier raid in Harlesden Road, Willesden, in London.

The women – two 18-year-olds and one 19-year old – were arrested at three different addresses in east London on Monday (1 May).

A London Metropolitan Police spokesperson said all three were in custody at a police station outside of London.

Following the raid in Willesden, police sources confirmed the six people arrested earlier in the week (27 April) were involved in an "active plot".

One woman, 21, was shot during the raid and taken to hospital where she remained under police guard. She was subsequently discharged from hospital on Sunday and taken into police custody.

The number of arrests in connection with this suspected plot is now at 10.

Among them was 21-year-old Mohamed Amoudi, a Yemeni-born British man, who was previously suspected of wanting to join Isis, but was released without charge.

He came to the attention of intelligence officers after he was deported from Turkey after it was believed he wanted to travel to its border with Syria.

Amoudi, who studied for a master's degree in physics at Queen Mary University of London, was pictured attending a talk by the controversial cleric Haitham al-Haddad weeks before embarking on the trip.

The talk was hosted by the university's Ideological Society, which has been branded a "hotbed for extremism".