James Lacey
James Lacey assaulted his own mother, Mary, and a female carer. Merseyside Police

An angry thug attacked his 91-year-old mother while she slept before assaulting a female carer who came to her aid.

James Lacey has been jailed for 11 months after he attacked his mother Mary Lacey, and her carer, Kerry Nolan, on 1 November in her home in Fazakerley, Liverpool.

The 57-year-old appeared at Liverpool Crown Court via video link from prison where he admitted assaulting the two women, which left his mother needing a CT scan.

Mary had swelling and bruising to her face and head and bruises and abrasions to her hands, arms and shoulders while Nolan suffered scratches.

The court was told that James, who lived with Mary, yelled: "I'm going to kill the f***ing pair of you now" when he launched into the pair.

Judge Norman Wright said according to the Liverpool Echo: "I have no doubt, although in early dementia, the mental anguish of being assaulted by her own son in this way is something that will live with her and will carry sadly to the grave."

He said: "No words of mine can deal with the horror that right-thinking people would feel in relation to the assaults on a vulnerable 91-year-old woman who has the early signs of dementia."

The attack began in the early hours of the morning with the prosecution saying it was a sustained assault overnight, while James said it was a much shorter incident.

The court heard that Mary was awoken by a barrage of punches thrown at her face, although Lacey said he was striking her with an open palm.

"She was trying to get to the window to call for help but he dragged her back by the hair, which he denies, and kept on assaulting her. Mrs Lacey thought he was going to kill her," prosecutor Paul Blasbery said according to the Echo.

The court was told at around 7.30am the next morning Nolan arrived and heard Mary screaming "help me" from an upstairs bedroom.

James then attacked Nolan, throwing her phone to the floor and breaking it, before grabbing the woman round the neck, the court was told.

He then kneed Nolan in the face before she ran out of the house and raised the alarm. James was later arrested.

Mitigating, Martyn Walsh said his client had expressed his remorse and had himself mental health issues that were exacerbated by him failing to take his medication that day.

Lacey pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm, assault by beating and two offences of criminal damage.

A five year restraining order was imposed on James to keep away from his mother unless she is in the company of relatives.